Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lulu's Sneak Peak for Holiday Gift Ideas!!!

Lulu has picked out some of her favorite gift ideas for this Christmas season just in case any of you need a few fun and original gifts! Farts, A Spotter's Guide is one of Lulu's top selling books. Perfect for your seven year old nephew or your favorite 65 year old uncle. It has specific names for specific types of farts and the corresponding sounds to go with each. Guaranteed laughs. $14.95
Rocket Balloons! Pump up a balloon and let it go. Watch it whistle, zip and zoom! $10.95
Awkward Family Photos, The funniest book of embarassing family photos. Portraits that went awry, family members caught off guard, just plain fun for anyone! $15.00

There's also a beautifully done pop-up version of Peter Pan, by Robert Sabuda, the New York Times best-selling author and creator of pop-up books.

There are also some perhaps familiar ideas that Lulu would like to remind you of during this holiday season. Perfect gift ideas!
The Tyvek DynoMighty Wallet at $15.00
The Food Face for any young 'un at $14.95
And Bucky Balls, the amazing magnetic toy you just can't put down, $30.00!